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96 lbs


Steve has taken a break from his weight loss program to focus on improving his strength and muscle mass. By reducing his calories steve has lost an incredible 7 stones.

Back to Steve. Steve initially started to put weight on, Roughly around 7 or 8 lbs in the first few weeks. then steadily increased his weight to around 18st. However when you look at his photo's it's easy to see that this increase is lean muscle tissue and not fat.

Starting weight 23st 10lbs

Lowest weight 16st 12lbs


96 lbs

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The great thing to remember here is that he is now eating a healthy 2000 kcals per day and neither gaining or losing weight.  We plan to continue this period for a few months more so that steve can build some quality muscle. After which we will return to lower calories and tackle the remaining excess body fat

Weight loss is ultimately about calories, but it’s more complicated than “eat less, move more,” and the metabolic changes that come along with losing weight are just one reason.  It’s not just about eating less and moving more, because your body adjusts your metabolic rate depending on how much you eat and move. That introduces an unpredictable factor into the calorie math, most notoriously in the form of “metabolic slowdown” caused by weight loss. Unfortunately, the facts are pretty depressing: losing weight slows down your metabolism, and you have very limited options for changing that. Your body doesn’t want to lose weight; it actively fights back against the weight loss, and the more weight you have to lose, the grimmer the picture starts to look. So back to steve.

We at Axis decided to give Steve a break from lower calories and raised them to try to increase his rate. This in turn will allow for a better workout and hopefully some increased lean muscle tissue.


By increasing steve's calories we are Boosting his metabolism. We are also fueling his workouts with extra calories thus allowing for a more productive workout. A more productive workout leads to increased muscle mass.

Finally, the more lean muscle tissue you have the greater your resting metabolism. 

All this leads to a body that can burn more calories during exercise and at rest.

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